Incredible movie trailers

A long time ago, I’ve seen a „christopher nolan“ like trailer for „The Incredibles“ and I have had this in my wunderlist since about a year. Now that a sequel is announced, the timing for this blogpost feels just about right. I though it’s funny, because one could actually do A/B testing with two different trailers for a movie do appeal different audiences.

Now, you first need to watch the original trailer, which is just as comedic, as the actual movie is. Which is okay, because the main audience for this movie were children or teenagers (hence, also me, at this time).

Yeah, I’d totally dig this trailer if I was 14 again. But the sequel might be coming this or next year, so the audience will mostly be children and teenagers that didn’t see the first part. Well maybe they’ve seen it on TV some time. Of course, the main audience will be the same for „The Incredibles II“ But now there’s also an eleven or twelve years older audience  – mostly geeks and nerds who are actually anticipating this movie, no matter how old they are now. And now watch the second trailer, made by a fan:

It contains only material of the movie, but it has a completely different cut and audio. The first time I saw this: Actual goose bumps. Now what if movie companies did different trailers for different audiences to attract more people to watch their flicks in cinema? This would be especially easy to target as youtube ads (since we have demographic settings there): Younger audience gets a comedic trailer, an 18+ audience will see an action trailer. That might be a thing, right? But besides a possible marketing aspect, I just found that christopher nolan trailer extermely cool. Which was the main reason I blog about this :-).

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